After the events of August 7th of 2008, people fled their burning homes and arrived by the thousands to the receptive arms of Tbilisi. the Capital of Georgia.  They settled in schools, unable to return to their obliterated homes and towns.  The majority have nothing.  Those who are lucky enough not to have lost their children, now face the impossible question of feeding and clothing them. Although most of the refugees have been moved to the refugee camps outside of Tbilisi they are living in very difficult conditions.

Dandelion Relief Group is committed in making a difference in the lives of the hundreds of thousands of IDP’s (internally displaced persons) that now lives in terrible conditions.

Dandelion Relief Group is proud to announce that in January of 2009 we have sent one shipment to the refugees containing canned foods, blankets, clothing, baby formula, shoes and necessities of everyday life.  The items were distributed to the refugees by an organization working closely with the Georgian Ministry.

Dandelion Relief Group has also sent a small shipment to the children refugees in Tbilisi.  This shipment contained clothing,  hand knitted scarves, hats and sweaters, toys, crayons, pencils, markers, coloring books and other items. We would like to thank the American Friendship Club in Tbilisi for their help with the distribution of the shipment.

Dandelion Relief Group would like to give special thanks to Maya and Henry Shmakov for their generous donation of toys for the shipment as well as Mr. and Mrs. Zarandia-Algar for their donation for the toys and gift for the refugee children.  Because of your kindness and generosity these children will have a happy holiday.

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