Raising Awareness for the Tbilisi Flood Victims

On the night of the 13th of June, Tbilisi’s river Vere flooded the city after heavy and unexpected rainfall.  BBC reported 13 people dead and at least 20 missing.  Clean up and rescue efforts are underway, as the residents attempt to bring a semblance of order back to the devastated city.  Besides causing millions of dollars worth of damage to city infrastructure, the flood also swept away enclosures in the city zoo, killing and releasing hundreds of animals into the city.

Dandelion Relief Group is raising awareness of the desperate situation the city of Tbilisi is facing.  We are proving a link to a government operated relief fund, for those of you who wish to donate. While Dandelion Relief Group is not currently involved in the relief efforts, we hope that you find it in your hearts to make even the smallest of donations.

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